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Intelligent wearable devices such as GPS watch, GPS tracker, ankle tracker and smart watch have entered into our daily life, and the most common are intelligent bracelets. Besides normal functions like GPS position, BEIDOU location, pedometer, time showing, message reminding, sleep monitoring, real time heart rate detection can also be realized. Through the heart rate monitoring, we can see the changes of heart rate and know about our health status, the heart rate monitoring result can serve as an alarm. Then, how does the intelligent bracelet of Thinkrace monitor heart rate?

Right now there are two main ways to monitor heart rate, one is photoelectric transmission measurement, another is electrocardio signal measurement. About the photoelectric transmission measurement, simply saying, heart’s regular beat can cause the change of blood luminousness, by converting this information into electrical signal which corresponds to heart rate information. On the side where it touches with skin have ejector and photosensitive receptor, when the ejector send light with certain length of waves to the skin, the light will be reflected to the photosensitive receptor, during this process, the light is disturbed by skin and muscle organs and blood, its intensity will be reduced when it arrives at the receptor.

The absorb of light of skin and muscle organs is stable during the blood circulation, the blood content inside skin shows regular change under the heart blood pump. When the heart contracts, the blood volume is the biggest, the blood absorptive amount reaches to the maximum, the light intensity is minimum. It’s opposite when heart relaxes, the light intensity is maximum, the light receptor receives the light with impulsive change.

The second method is electrocardio signal measurement, this method is similar with ECG in hospitals, but the intelligent bracelet just needs to test the heart rate with low complicity. During the cardiac cycle, atrium and ventricle are excited, following by many myocardial cells, then causes electrical change which is called electrocardiograph, the heart rate can be detected by testing these periodical changes. Every heart beat causes micro electric changes, the intelligent bracelet can capture electric changes, by the algorithm the heart rate can be calculated and real time heart rate monitoring can be realized.

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